Your land speaks through its composition and in turn the abundance and availability of nutrients. Smart Rx is the diagnosis and treatment provided by your Agronomist designed to maximize zone-specific yield potential in every field. With Smart Rx you will receive an objective analysis of your field’s data and a prescription programmed for your equipment to deliver the highest yield potential and targeted bottom line.

    • "If you measure it you can manage it"
    • Based on your specific objectives your Agronomist analyzes data from Smart Data and Smart Zoning
    • All analysis is unbiased and not influenced by a requirement for specific crop input product sales.
    • Analysis is based on complete information which is only feasible through FieldSmart
  • We are colorblind when it comes to your equipment, no matter what colour you run we can provide VRT service including seed and nutrients (Micro and Macro).
    • Your crop will get exactly what it needs where it needs it and will reach yield potential
    • You wont apply products that aren't needed
    • Your input dollars will meet maximum value
  • Smart RX gives you:
    • Benchmarked Soil Sampling of all the zones in my field
    • Prescription's for variable seed, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and sulphur application
    • Maximum use of crop inputs through targetted application
    • More even maturity of this year’s crop and in pulse crops following
    • A trained hybrid agronomist/GIS technician
    • Year-end P&L report for individual field management zones and the entire farm

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