Your land speaks through its crop history. Smart Data is the most advanced program for collecting, storing, and accessing the information from your land. It turns data into usable information for better decisions and is the backbone for the most comprehensive information management platform that exists. Smart Data seamlessly links the information from your field to the technology of your equipment with the most accurate, advanced, and comprehensive wireless transfer system available, providing you all the tools you will require to unlock your land’s potential.

    • At seeding record precise seed and fertility rates to exact elevation, time, and place
    • At spraying, record the product rate to exact time and place
    • At harvesting, record your yields and mositure as you go, "by the foot"
    • Have your records stored on the FieldSmart server for easy and instant access for you and your Agronomist
    • Use our highly user-friendly, interactive, password protected websute to access your files and data
    • Secure storage ensures your information will never be lost with our daily backup system
    • Work closely with your agronomist in analyzing and using your information to make the best management decisions
    • Tailor-made reports are designated specifically for those who need them (crop insuarnce, accountant, bank)
    • Prescriptions are sent directly to the server for your equipment

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