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Western tractor is Deeply Rooted in community, and supports many worthwhile causes in the communities that our customers and staff live and work in every day. With over 300 sponsorship donations this year alone, we believe we have a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Western Tractor values good corporate citizenship and community engagement, we are supportive of initiatives that have relevance to both our customers and employees while demonstrating a leadership position in the agriculture industry. We value programs that support rural communities and the future of Alberta farming involving young farmers and sustainable farming practices.
Western tractor sees sponsorship as support for an organization, program, event or team. In return for support, we will use the sponsorship to promote Western Tractor’s brand, product and services. We receive thousands of requests for sponsorship, promotion, donations and partnerships from worthy individuals and organizations every year. While we would like to approve all of these requests, unfortunately, this is not possible. In order to use our funds effectively and to provide you a timely response to your request, we have established the following sponsorship guidelines for sponsorship requests. Please read these guidelines carefully before requesting sponsorship assistance.
Preference is given to requests that:
  • Group or association must be locally-based in Southern Alberta and the project and sponsorship must support the community in Western Tractor’s A.O.R.
  • Directly tied to local agricultural industry, our customers, employees and brand.
  • Include Media exposure to our target audience whenever possible.
  • Include networking and engagement opportunities and the expectation that Western Tractor staff are in attendance to interact with current and potential customers.
  • Will deliver the potential of financial return for Western Tractor.
Request process:
  • All monetary and volunteer time requests must be received in writing by Western Tractor at least two weeks prior to the funding deadline in order to allow for sufficient time to review and process the sponsorship request.
  • All product donation requests must be received in writing by Western Tractor at least two weeks prior to the event to allow sufficient time to review and process the sponsorship request.
  • All requests are reviewed by applicable Western Tractor management to assess suitability, feasibility and resources required (monetary, product and human volunteer).
  • After sponsorship request is reviewed and either approved or declined, Western Tractor management will inform person requesting sponsorship of the decision.


Just a few of the items Western Tractor sponsored this year alone:


Lethbridge College - $750,000 multi-faceted gift to Lethbridge College.  Western Tractor’s gift will support the college’s new trades and technologies facility through the creation of the Western Tractor Technology Lab – an advanced agricultural technologies room inside the first phase of the new building. Western Tractor will supply the lab with industry-leading technology to benefit both Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician apprenticeship training over a five-year span. Read the whole story about this exciting annoucement HERE

Taber Cornfest - Silver sponsor and pancake breakfast. More info about Taber Cornfest HERE

Quonset Days - Beer garden sponsor and staff volunteers. More info about quonset days HERE

Scandia 100th - Pancake breakfast, August 4, 5, and 6, 2017

Many other worthwhile and community focused sponsorships have been supported in 2017 too numerous to list here. Western Tractor supports the communities that support us! 


Past and ongoing sponsorships:


Foremost Civic Center Enhancement Fundraiser - Western Tractor donated 100 hours of usage of a S series Combine, used as a raffle prize. 477 tickets were sold at $100.00 each, creating $47,700.00 going directly towards the enhancement of the Civic Center. As well Western Tractor employees were actively involved in the promotion of this fundraiser. The lucky winner of the raffle was Kent Stryker of Foremost. Congratulations Ken!

Burdett 100th Centennial Celebration - Several staff members volunteered their time serving and helping with security in the beer gardens at Burdett's 100th centennial, along with a $3000.00 donation to event expense, and donation of usage on several pieces of equipment throughout the weekend. Everyone attending the event had positive comments and enjoyed some time with their families.

Foremost 100th Centennial Celebration - Western Tractor staff members were on hand where needed, moving tables, helping set up, and lending a hand as security in the beer gardens. This same weekend was the draw date for the Foremost Civic Center Fundraiser.

George's Ride For The Jack Ady Cancer Center - Western Tractor made a $1000.00 donation to this worthwhile cause, and supported some of our staff that were actively involved in the fundraising for the event. Read more about George's Ride HERE

HALO -  Western Tractor actively supports HALO, a service vital to all of Southern Alberta. We hope that you never need to use this service but want to ensure the service is available when needed to our customers and their families. Family is everything, stay safe. More About HALO

Manyberries 100th Centennial Celebration -Several staff members volunteered their time serving Pancake breakfast, with all supplies donated by Western Tractor

Milk River 100th Centennial Celebration - Several staff members volunteered their time serving Pancake breakfast, with all supplies donated by Western Tractor

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