AG Performax™ Inspection Program

new vintage performax

NEW for 2019 - Vintage equipment Performax inspections. SAVE BIG when you bring in your seasoned equipment in for a inspection!

It’s Peace of Mind - Knowing Your Equipment is Field Ready.

Downtime can be costly. So why take chances when you depend on your equipment to keep your operation running smoothly?

Reduce potential downtime, increase machine performance, and enhance the long-term value of your equipment with the WESTERN TRACTOR AG PERFORMAX Inspection Program. Learn about the PERFORMAX difference as our inspections are the most comprehensive in the industry. Western Tractor keeps you running – when it matters most!

When you have a Performax Maintenance Inspection performed on your combine, self-propelled sprayer or tractor and identified critical repairs are completed by Western Tractor you receive the Western Tractor Performax Guarantee.*

A replacement machine will be provided to you with NO rental fees in the event that yours has a mechanical failure in the first season of use and cannot be repaired within 24 hours. The replacement machine will be available to you until Western Tractor has completed the repairs.*